8 Декабря 2021
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Zakharova: all questions to Kiev curators

Maria Zakharova - The Moscow Post about the situation around the DPRK and Ukraine.

The representative of the CBM of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, responding to questions from The Moscow Post correspondent about the right of North Korea to defend itself, stated that Russia proceeds from the fact that "Article 51 of the UN Charter establishes the inalienable right of a member state of the organization to individual and collective self-defense if, accordingly, the state is subjected to armed attack," Zakharova said.

And she recalled that this provision applies fully to all UN member countries, including the DPRK. "

At the same time, Zakharova recalled that this "provision applies fully to all UN member countries."

Regarding Kiev's position on sabotaging the agreement of the meeting in Paris in 2020 and the possibility of conducting a dialogue with the Ukrainian side, and whether Kiev can be expected to accept the Steinmeier formula, Zakharova recommended asking the Ukrainian side about this.

"Although, probably, in the second place to the Ukrainian side," the representative of the Foreign Ministry recovered - "primarily to those who, in general, oversee the actions of the Kiev regime from abroad."

She recalled that on October 11, during a telephone conversation, the leaders of Russia, Germany and France agreed to instruct their political advisers and foreign ministries to intensify their work. Zakharova emphasized that this topic is now under development

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