27 Октября 2021
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The joint position of Russia and the CSTO on Afghanistan will depend on the behavior of the leadership of this country

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova spoke about the position of the SCO and the CSTO on the situation in Afghanistan, answering a question from The Moscow Post correspondent.

"What did the SCO consultations give to determine the positions of Russia and the CSTO on contacts with the Taliban?" (members of the Taliban - this movement is recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation), the diplomat asked The Moscow Post correspondent.

In response, Maria Zakharova recalled that the situation in Afghanistan has become one of the most important items on the agenda of the past CSTO and SCO summits.

The assessment of the current state of affairs in Afghanistan was verified and the general attitude to counter the challenges and threats that emanate from the territory of Afghanistan was confirmed and the importance of intensifying joint counter-terrorism, anti-drug efforts in the Afghan direction was emphasized, "she added.

In addition, as the diplomat emphasized, the leaders of the states clearly outlined their position in favor of the formation of a truly inclusive, representative Cabinet, taking into account the interest of all the ethnopolitical forces of Afghanistan.

Maria Zakharova added that the further joint line depends on whom, to what extent the members of the movement in Afghanistan will be ready to actually fulfill their previous commitments.

"The SCO and CSTO member states are united in the fact that the United States and its NATO allies should bear full responsibility for the post-conflict socio-economic reconstruction of Afghanistan as a first step in rectifying the humanitarian situation," she stressed and recalled that in any case, the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of the citizens of this country.

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