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The Crimea is Russian, the president - Bulgarian

The friendly attitude towards Russia, aspiration to establishing dialogue with her, became a factor of electoral success for politicians of Eastern Europe?

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports, the election of the president of Bulgaria in the second round is won by Rumen Radev. All exit polls give a victory to him, him it and by results of night counting of votes. Radev collects over 60% of votes, and together with him also the representative wins his Yotova Iliyana teams who ran for the vice president of the country. Radev's competitor in the second round, the rector of the Sofia university Anastas Gerdzhikov collects a little more than 30% of votes.

The first round of presidential elections took place in Bulgaria on November 14 when any of 23 candidates didn't manage to collect 50% of votes. The best results then showed Radev for whom 49.42% of voters, and Gerdzhikov who gained 22.83% voted.

However there was what had to play on Radev's party, having provided him sympathies of a considerable part of the undecided of electorate. It is a position of the Bulgarian leader in an occasion of relationship with Russia where the relation to reunion of the Crimea with the Russian Federation and sanctions pressure upon our country acts as a marker.

Earlier Rumen Radev noted that in policy there are realities, and pointed to the Russian ownership of the Crimea twice. In spite of the fact that he also considers return of the peninsula to structure of Russia violation of rules of international law, he does it rather for the sake of decency. All understand that it is about the right for self-determination.

Rumen Radev perfectly understands how he depends on the relations with Russia much and that sanctions against our country only harm the bilateral relations. At the same time in Bulgaria in political squabbles many residents of the country everything also sympathize with Russia. Arguing on de facto Russian Crimea, Radev echoes the fact that millions of Bulgarians think worldwide.

Not to mention a set of the significant moments - economy, deliveries of energy carriers, safety of the European continent in general, Radev has hints and on solidarity of the Slavic people in the West pressure situation upon Russia.

At least, he, by his own words, recognizes reality, and reality such is that the Crimea is and will be Russian. Can't change it neither numerous PR platforms like the Crimean platform, nor hand-wringing in European Parliament, a zakidyvaniye stones of the Russian Embassies that so successfully practices in Kiev.

At the same time Russia as Radev considers, can't be development model for Bulgaria. Radev had to say it anyway as resources if desired to displace him, the EU and their senior partners because of the ocean has enough. But already one the fact that Radev doesn't see the enemy in Russia creates for him risks of pressure as inside, and out of the country.

Why the Russian Federation can't be the enemy? The thing obvious - because any aggressive intentions at Russia wasn't and isn't present. Not less important and the fact that in memory of Bulgarians it remains the liberator of the people. This subject was discussed at a presidential debate.

It is necessary to tell, as Radev's rival Anastas Gerdzhikov didn't afford any insults or insinuations to Russia, validly spoke the Russian culture. But I couldn't avoid a favourite subject of the western embassies - respect for human rights in Russia. It just when "true Europeans", namely the Polish frontier guards water refugees from water-cannons, will stick together them searchlights and don't allow to sleep.

Radev noted that Russia is other country "on scale" and with "specifics". Meanwhile, the president emphasized, it is necessary to support dialogue with Russia in spite of the fact that now dialogue between the Russian Federation and the EU are in "critical condition". Also Bulgarian leader paid attention to an important role of Russia in fight against terrorism, and he urged not to forget this factor.

Separately Bulgarian leader noted attempts to bring split in the Bulgarian society probably meaning and forcing of the anti-Russian and even anti-Russian hysteria.

"Bulgaria passed this test by democracy. She didn't give in to attempts of ethnic division. The reason and patriotism got the best of apathy and a lie. Unprecedented political month with two series of elections (presidential and parliamentary – the Edition) which confirmed aspiration of our people to changes, to a gap with corruption, robbery and lawlessness, to discharge of mafia from the power came to the end", - Izvestia quotes Radev.

Facing Russia

Surprisingly, those who advocate dialogue with Russia in Eastern Europe are successful in the elections. Perhaps Moldova should not be taken into account, where last year the pro-Russian president Igor Dodon lost. However, the victory of the same Maya Sandu could be achieved through colossal cash injections and an entire detachment of political strategists from the United States and the EU. And Igor Dodon himself turned out to be an insufficiently skilled and convincing politician for his own people.

At the same time, it is worth looking at the situation in the Czech Republic, where the clearly anti-Russian prime minister Andrei Babish, after a series of unsubstantiated accusations against Russia, received a huge number of political problems. Without real powers, Czech President Milos Zeman, who has an adequate position in relation to Russia, is popular, but old and politically already quite weakened.

As for Babis, he is blamed for the scandal sucked out of his finger with explosions in an ammunition depot in 2014, as a result of which the Czech Republic asked its European partners to send at least one Russian diplomat.

In September 2021, the Prague police proposed for the third time to prosecute Prime Minister Babis. We are talking about the case of fraud with the illegal receipt of subsidies from EU funds by the Stork's Nest company, which was part of the holding owned by Babish's relatives. About this wrote Lenta.ru.

The charges were brought against the Czech prime minister and his former assistant Yana Mayerova. According to the investigation, they illegally received about 2 million euros. It is noted that the investigation into the company lasted three years and was completed in 2019. At the same time, mass protests were held in the country demanding that Babish be dismissed.

In turn, Babis rejects the accusations and considers them a provocation by political opponents. At the same time, there is no doubt that in such cases, EU officials and Western intelligence should have enough incriminating evidence against Mr. Babish.

In this sense, it is easy to assume that we will arrange a provocation against Russia, recall the explosions in Vrbetitsa in 2014, he was very well "asked." There is no need to hope for a constructive position towards Russia.

But there is the logic of the political process, but there is really the solidarity of people who are connected by centuries-old cultural, economic, political ties. And breaking this connection with the same political technologies and money from Washington and Brussels will not work. Not to mention the fact that anti-Russian hysteria has long gotten everyone.

The Crimea is Russian, the president - BulgarianWas a constructive position in relation to Russia helped to defeat Radev?

Sanctions are ineffective, shifting the blame to the energy and migration crisis on Russia turned out to be an unsustainable task, and now they are also adequately attuned to the Russian Federation winning elections in their countries. The wheel of history is spinning, the political situation is changing, and Russia remains. And Rumen Radev understands this - like the vast majority of Bulgarian voters.

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