30 Октября 2020
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LNA General tells how a helicopter burnt in the Libyan Al Jufra municipality

According to the LibyaAkhbar publication, a helicopter with LNA military pilots crashed in the area of Al Jufra municipality.

LNA Brigadier General Khalid Mahjoub commented on the incident.

According to the military, it was a reconnaissance flight of the LNA air force in the neighbourhood of the  Sukna city. The crew was inspecting the area when an emergency landing was decided due to a malfunction. The landing was unsuccessful: the landing gear broke, which caused the helicopter to hit the ground with its blades. There was a fire, but no one was injured – the military managed to leave the vehicle.

The helicopter burnt down completely and it is impossible to restore it. Military observers determined that it was the Mi-8, which has been in service with the Libyan air force since the time of Gaddafi.

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