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Svetakov in the final Ogloblina

The indictment of the son of the adviser to the governor of the Moscow Region, developer Mikhail Ogloblin, may ultimately lead to businessman Alexander Svetakov?

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Moscow region, six years in prison was requested by the state prosecutor for developer Mikhail Ogloblin. Ogloblin has already been convicted twice for organizing illegal migration and tax evasion. Now he is accused of fraud. While the volumes of Ogloblin's criminal case are growing, his likely shadow partner Alexander Svetakov, the head of Absolute, continues to successfully conduct his business.

The metropolitan police accuses Mr. Ogloblin of embezzling dividends of Absolute Group LLC in the amount of more than 200 million rubles during the implementation of the project for the construction of the elite residential complex Skolkovo Residence.

Absolut has been trying to plant Ogloblin since April 2017. Then the general director Andrei Kosolapov, whose company was the customer of the construction of the residential complex "Residence Skolkovo" in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow Region, turned to law enforcement officers. The development company Rast Mikhail Ogloblin, son of the adviser to the governor of the Moscow Region on construction issues, Marina Ogloblina, was to finance the construction of two apartment buildings and a kindergarten in 2011. However, he had problems with money, and he attracted his familiar leaders from CJSC National Development Company (NDC) - Dmitry Karyanov and Konstantin Remizov, from whom he took a loan. Later, with debts, he paid off his profit.

Such a scheme was not in the spirit of Svetakov, who considered that 400 million rubles paid by Ogloblin under the loan agreement were stolen from his company. But then Ogloblin managed to avoid criminal problems, it was Remizov and Karyanov who were under attack. Two years later, this story nevertheless "awakened" the developer - from a witness he turned into an accused, which was facilitated by the testimony of Dmitry Karyanov. Through him, Svetakov finally got his way?

And the prospects for this case for Ogloblin are not rosy at all. The fact is that he had already managed to visit the dock, although he escaped then with suspended sentences. According to Kommersant, in 2017 he was found guilty of delivering illegal workers to his construction sites in the metropolitan area. A year later - guilty of tax evasion on an especially large scale, by 269.5 million rubles.

It is understandable that a person who has more than once been caught in crimes has a higher chance of receiving not a conditional, but a completely real term. And then his mother, so close to the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, may not help Ogloblin. Perhaps this is what Svetakov is seeking?

Who's the director?

And he really can have the motivation to do this. There was a version that it was he who could be behind the situation with the collection of 400 million rubles in debt. According to unconfirmed information, it was the head of Absolute who sent Ogloblin to his subordinates. In this case, it seems quite logical that Svetakov may try to divert possible suspicions from himself.

In addition, he could not like the fact that Remizov and Karyanov, being in senior positions in the subsidiary Absolute structure, wanted to conduct their own business. As the informant of The Moscow Post told in detail earlier, They became friends with construction customers on the territory of Skolkovo, where huge budget funds are constantly sent. And they wanted these cash flows to go straight to their firm. Perhaps Svetakov did not forgive the fact that they wanted to leave him "overboard."

But then what is the reason for his quarrel with Ogloblin? The question seems even more relevant, given that Ogloblin's mother is well acquainted with Vorobyov, and Svetakov may not be a stranger to him. At least Absolut is a co-owner of the Aircraft Development company, where one of the shareholders is Maxim Vorobyov, the brother of the governor of Moscow Region. It can be assumed that the head of the region decided to deliberately distance himself from the "showdown."

After all, Mr. Svetakov may have quite influential acquaintances. It should be noted that earlier those lands on which the Skolkovo residence is now located were bought up by the Svetakov Absolute and its then partners - the notorious State Duma deputy Dmitry Sablin and Dmitry Aksenov, who owned the Region-R company.

Svetakov in the final OgloblinaAlexander Svetakov

And the story of gaining control of the site seems very vague. Forbes wrote that the Skolkovo Residence business class area is being built on the lands of the Odintsovo Zarechye state farm named after Sergei Kushnarev - Kushnarev, a former director, was killed in the 1990s at his entrance. The director of the Moskovsky state farm, on the territory of which the Moscow City project is being built, went with security for many years.

Knowing such details, it is a little alarming to become behind the Ogloblins...

Earlier, The Moscow Post also wrote in detail that Absolut Bank, controlled by Svetakov, provided funds for development projects of the Capital Group company, owned by Vladislav Doronin, Pavel Tyo and Eduard Berman, in Luzhkovsky times. In particular, Mr. Tyo still plays not the last role in the development business of the capital. And this is if we do not recall the links attributed to him almost with the near-criminal world.

By the way, about Absolute Bank: Moody's recently attributed to it a credit rating of V2, that is, negative. And this is easily explained by the financial indicators of the institution: according to Banki.ru,  between October 2020 and October 2021 net assets "sank" by 1.8 billion rubles. And it looks especially alarming that the deposits of individuals have decreased significantly (by 12.8 billion rubles or 10.84%). They are not considered sensitive to changes in the market, so the reaction from them may mean that a full "seam" is really happening in the bank.

Svetakov in the final OgloblinaAnd money from there may well settle in foreign accounts. Although Svetakov is officially no longer related to the bank, he may still have some influence there. And earlier, The Moscow Post talked about a whole network of foreign offices in which Svetakov's namesake traces. Or not namesakes?

However, neither numerous scandals, nor strange body movements in the Svetakov bank, nor drops prevent him from successfully developing the business. Moreover, the largest developer in the capital, which introduced the maximum number of real estate, in 2016 was the Absolut group of companies. That is, Svetakov managed to bypass everyone in the capital in general!

What to say, businessmen of the "high flight" are really famous for their ability to move away from unnecessary questions to their person. Is it always the best way to "sink" your partners?

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